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DG3 Custom Communications offers full-service, turnkey marketing support solutions that include analysis, program design, modeling of outcomes, and metrics—all supported by our core business of full-service communications in print, web, and mobile.

We help our clients better understand market segmentation, identify drivers of new business opportunities, and develop the most relevant communications.

Our holistic approach, regardless of the medium, will bring clarity to your entire marketing communications process.

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We leverage marketing channels to capture the most appropriate audiences.


We utilize personalized and customized content to deliver compelling results.


We enable actions, measure ROI, and monitor for continuous improvement.

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We implement and enhance your strategy! Email marketing has many components, so why spend your valuable time scheduling, implementing, and tracking your own campaigns. Let us grow your customer relationships and convert new prospects.


Online purchasing is the standard. Our eCommerce and mCommerce solutions are efficient, and will give you the opportunity to expand your markets and increase your top line.


QR Codes and NFC engage on the spot. We can assure your QR Code is properly branded and that your content is displaying as planned. Try embedded NFC chip technology to improve merchant cost efficiency, provide better data privacy, and address international applications.


Looking for a personalized, high impact experience? We can spearhead an organization’s product launch, promotion, or upcoming event. Our microsites are flexible, feature rich, and best of all, offer the opportunity for quick deployment.


Dream it and we’ll build it. Deliver a great customer experience and create a foundation for repeatable growth. We’ll apply your strategy, create a memorable user experience, and employ quality programming to establish a successful online presence.


Bring continuity to your most business-critical campaigns. We’ll manage your databases, improve operational efficiency, promote collaboration across the organization, and give marketers the insight they need to make better decisions.


Understand behavior and track conversions. DG3 Digital will track your campaigns and provide consistent dashboard and drill-down reports to help you scale up what’s working, and cut back on what’s not.


Allow us to do the heavy lifting! DG3 Digital will act as your own personal fulfillment center by stuffing, sorting, sending, and tracking all of your physical outreach marketing programs to your desired audiences. Our bonded warehouse and relationships with major shippers make it easy and efficient.


Print what you need, as you need it! Our state of the art printing capabilities offer the right solution for materials that require personalization, frequent changes, small-large quantities, or quick delivery—with competitive pricing and fast turn-around.


Leverage email and digital assets. Research shows that direct mail continues to capture attention and lift email and web response rates. Our campaigns are designed to reach your target audience using personalization and rich content relevant to your demographic.


Helping patients through disease ending treatments.

Vertex created the world’s first cure for Hepatitis C and the treatment was complex and sometimes painful. They needed a way to connect with the patient population to encourage staying the course of treatment and giving helpful guide on the path to the cure.

DG3 developed a complex data-driven email marketing program for Vertex that triggered hundreds of personalized email templates based on patient interactions or data on the course of treatment for each patient. Thousands of patients received communications from DG3 that kept them on course and allowed them to explore information about the disease and the cure.

DG3 managed the program in exact target. We developed the templates; all of the complex coding for the trigger based campaigns and develop systems to gather detailed feedback from email recipients in order to drive the next wave of email to the patients.

Morgan Stanley

Streamlining millions of pages of custom communication into one output stream.

Morgan Stanley needs to provide complex disclosure to holders of one of its financial products. The disclosure is dependent on what the holder owns and a series of other data points. Based on this information, the holder could receive from 16 to over 100 pages of information. Traditionally, Morgan Stanley would print hundreds of thousands of pieces of material and manually combine the material into an envelope based on the holder information.

DG3 introduced complex document building technology to the mix. As a result, holders receive a printed and mailed combined single book containing holder-specific information. The solution trims weeks off the production timelines, creates substantial financial savings and virtually eliminates the risk that a holder receives the wrong communications

GE Lighting

Empowering a field sales force with fresh on demand collateral.

The GE Lighting division approached DG3 with the challenge of finding an efficient way to manage and distribute their rapidly changing sales and marketing material while controlling their print costs.

DG3 delivered an online order management solution by designing a division-specific site with static and personalized print functions with the ability to produce detailed order reporting and cost controls. All of the on-line products are printed on demand utilizing the highest quality digital print technology reducing storage and fulfillment fees and enabling real time updates to the material in the field.


Providing the technology behind the technology to communicate with millions.

LOB.com was looking for print service provider that would be able to integrate with their workflow and process terabytes of data in order to produce a variety of printed materials needed by users of their API. DG3 created a custom coded solution to securely receive the output from their API and to manufacture and fulfill that output within the tight SLA imposed by their clients. The DG3 solution enables the printing of the highest quality materials quickly and at the lowest cost possible by taking advantage of the newest technologies available for digital print production and USPS postal processing.

Jordan MVP Barber Shop

Updating the brand and presence of a New York institution.

World famous stylist to athletes, Jordan Barbershop needed a major website overhaul to improve their brand and promote their new line of men’s hair care products. Key requirements of the website include a robust and secure e-commerce solution along with the ability to promote their social media efforts and support an affiliate program for partnering with selected key marketers. DG3 deployed a solution built upon Shopify.com. This solution provides easy to maintain CMS based website and e-commerce solution incorporating stunning visuals, social media feeds and videos of current and past episodes of their “Back of the Shop” video series.


Deploying a web presence to seamlessly enable ecommerce.

TerraNut, maker of healthy nut based snacks, needed to redesign their website to promote their brand identity, improve on-line sales, and streamline order processing. DG3 redesigned their website from the ground up by customizing the open source e-commerce solution from Magento. This solution enabled TerraNut to seamlessly process orders by integrating with their third party shipping system and automated the invoicing and bookkeeping process by integrating with their accounting system. This system also enabled them to easily manage “coupon codes” for use in social media and other marketing venues. The project was completed within one month with the final result of the ability to process orders almost instantly with and increase in revenue of almost 20% within the first three months of launching the site.

Blue Buffalo

Enabling unconventional pet owner outreach and brand loyalty.

Blue Buffalo, the nation’s fastest growing provider of premium pet food is cementing its leadership position in the US and around the world. They require a partner to manage their unconventional pet owner outreach programs ranging from couponing to in store promotions to veterinary clinic relationship development.

Based on these needs, DG3 Custom Communications built 24/7 accessible secure storefronts; complex print on demand and mail solutions driven by our web deployments; and a fulfilment solution to target and engage pet owners and veterinarians. DG3 provides an integrated project management and technical deployment to Blue Buffalo that reaches virtually every pet owner and veterinary clinic in the nation with offers, critical pet information and samples with millions of communications every year.

The program has increased customer loyalty, reduced coupon fraud and gives Blue Buffalo incredible insight into pet owner and veterinary clinic behaviors and preferences.

Sanofi Health Forward

Improving patient connections with highly targeted and segmented print.

Sanofi’s Health Forward 2.0 provides access to a variety of online tools and enables participants to collaborate and share health intervention ideas with peers in a closed community.

The Sanofi Health Forward team needed a seamless user experience, faster load times for personalized materials and robust meta-data tracking for these critical documents.  In addition, they required a solution for active budget and spend management.

DG3 created a fully collaborative system where remote sales force members place orders and view patient education material and personalize content. The marketing team also has full control over the print spend.  DG3 worked within the existing framework of the patient education site to add robust print on demand and personalization features. Users are able to selected from 100’s of template driven versions of material, add personal logos, free form text, download assets, and order assets for print. Sanofi now has 100% budget transparency, clear usage statistics, high quality print and an exceptional end user experience.


Our 20 strong team of technical developers write all the code required to ensure your integrated marketing program works seamlessly.


Our five project managers coordinate your entire project from goal setting to delivery of your final product.


Our team of data analysts work with you to structure your project data and measure the outcome of your programs.


Our data management group processes your data and merges that data with the systems needed to deliver your project.


Our world class print and distribution team of over 300 execute your project on time and error free